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The Wood Family Scholars Program was established by Leonard and Carla Wood in 2014. Mr. Wood, founder of Wood Partners LLC in Atlanta, wanted to make it financially possible for outstanding students to attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, from which he earned his Master of Business Administration degree. He also wanted to help his Scholars develop as leaders and discover their path and their purpose, so that they could make the most of their talents and their lives. In 2018, the University awarded Mr. Wood the prestigious William Richardson Davie Award.

In 2015, Chris Cole, founder of Cole Real Estate Investments and a longtime associate of Mr. Wood’s, began collaborating with Mr. Wood to support and encourage their Scholars.

Currently ten new first-year students each year receive the scholarship. These new students join other Wood Scholars in a close-knit community — one marked by excellence, exploration, and a spirit of mutual camaraderie and support.


“We’ve all been a part of something where our peers helped us and challenged us. That’s my hope for the Wood Family Scholars — that as a team they’ll become more powerful over time.”

– Leonard W. Wood, class of ’72


Wood Scholars and Mr. Wood